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Products & Services
Circle K Pro Shop Operations Center
Custom Ball Drilling
'Oval Maker II' is Jayhawk's newest mill drilling machine.  The Oval Maker II provides
the ability to drill precise oval holes vibration free and has a tolerance within .001 inch
Detox Oil Removal System
Detox by Jayhawk is the newest oil removal system for bowling balls.
It uses warm (not hot) water, a specially formulated mild accelerant and ultrasound to
extract lane oil. The ultrasonic technology penetrates the cover by producing microscopic
bubbles that expand and collapse into the pores of the bowling ball coverstock.
This process safely removes oil and impurities from the inside out, which will restore
the performance of bowling balls without the risk of excessive heat which can cause
damage and void warranties. The cleaning penetration of the Detox can't be matched
by any other oil extraction method.  At Circle K Pro Shop we always go one step further than
other shops to provide better and safer service for your valued bowling equipment.
Bowling Ball Resurfacing
Reactive bowling ball coverstocks are high performance, but they require maintenance.
A very important key to bowling ball maintenance is periodic resurfacing.  Even with the
best of ball cleaning habits, using a reactive ball will result in the microscopic pores of the
ball's surface smoothing out, thus reducing friction between the ball and the lane.
Resurfacing restores the sharp edges of the pores of the ball and deep cleans them,
which enables the ball to grip the lane with more friction, resulting in more hookability.
We recommend that you have your reactive ball professionally resurfaced from time to
time, depending on use.  We use the Cook Sphere Machine for the most accurate way to
restore your ball back to its original specifications.  A resurface can make your reactive
ball look and perform like new.
Dual Speed Ball Spinner
We chose the Dual Speed Spinner to round out our complement of new
Jayhawk pro shop equipment.  It is the ultimate spinner for ball cleaning & polishing.
AMF Balance Scale
The balance scale is used for accurate reading of bowling ball static weights.
Need new grips?  We have them!
Black and Clear Ice always in stock - other colors available by order.
We install or replace thumb slugs!
In addition to balls & bags, we also supply all types of bowling accessories.
Special orders are welcome and are generally delivered in only 1 to 3 days.