Miniature Rose Tips for Six 
version 6 only*
Updated 2/02/02
*These are written for the Professional version
- may or may not apply to other versions; may cause blindness, 
deafness, loose stools, hair loss and insomnia, use only as directed..

PROBLEM 1:  Every time I save a .txt document in DragonPad it also saves  the sound file of my dictation even though I've selected "Never" by "Save recorded dictation with document."  What gives?
ANSWER 1:  Talking to a version 6 Dragon is kinda like talking to a teenager - you tell it to do one thing and it does just the opposite.  Keeping that in mind, change your selection to "Always".  NOTE:  changes to the Startup/Shutdown Options do NOT take place until you exit Nat and restart it.  (I know, there is an "Apply" button - but that's just there to keep you on your toes.)
PROBLEM 1a:  I did like you said in your "Answer 1" and Dragon no longer saves the sound file (dra files) when I save my document in DragonPad but now it saves it all the time when I use Word or WordPerfect!
ANSWER 1a:  As you know, in DragonPad always=never, the same is not      true in WordXP and WP9 - in both of those "never" really does mean "never" (this is probably also true with other issues of Word and WordPerfect). So, if you use DragonPad AND Word and/or WordPerfect, you can either select "ask me" or select "never" and routinely search and delete *.dra files.
PROBLEM 2:  I've done exactly what you are always harping on people to do - I saved a whole bunch of my old documents, converted them to .txt files, removed all the repetitive stuff, then went to the Accuracy Center and clicked on "Add words from your documents to the vocabulary" BUT IT DOESN'T ADD THE WORDS I WANT IT TO!  #@$$%
ANSWER 2:  Goodness, do you kiss your mother with that mouth?  The "Add words from your documents......." in the Accuracy Center only adds words that have a capital letter in them.  To make matters worse, the "Add words from ..documents" feature does not adapt the contextual information from your documents either.  The Designer, in his/her/its/collectivenonsexpronoun "wisdom" decided that information would better be collected from your e-mails instead of your professional/legal/medical/business correspondence and letters.  Whatever - take a deep breath  and say "build vocabulary"  (aka vocbldr.exe)- like magic the REAL Vocabulary Builder will appear - it will find all your words, regardless of case and most importantly, adapt your vocabulary with information about your word usage. 
PROBLEM 3:  I wanted to run the Acoustic Optimizer and went to the Accuracy Center and clicked on it but it processed so fast that I can't believe it actually did anything - am I doing something wrong?
ANSWER 3:  Don't know, I'm not here to pronounce moral judgments :)  But you can let Nat know that you might want to run the Acoustic Optimizer at some point in the future by placing a check mark by "Store corrections in archive" (found under Tools|Options|Miscellaneous.  While there, press the Archive size button and increase the slider to the 60 minute position.  This is the archive that the Acoustic Optimizer uses to do its thing - for an explanation of why it is disabled by default, see the Designer.  (and, before you ask - I run mine about once a week as part of my "housekeeping" duties)
PROBLEM 4:  I need to write a macro for __________but can't figure out how to do it with this new Advanced Scripting stuff.
See if this page is of help.  Also, feel free to join our NatPro Macro writer's group. 

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