"Nat" System Requirements: (this is no less true today then it was when it was written 2 versions ago)

Because user expectations from any software,  especially voice recognition software, vary so much - the software's system requirements become very difficult to write about.  Software developers like to list system requirements at the most minimal levels for, I assume, marketing reasons - but minimum system requirements as listed on software boxes rarely meet the demands that users place on the software.  Because it comes in so many different "flavors" - NaturallySpeaking, Version 3.01, is especially challenging to write about.  If you have "Nat" v. 3.01, is it Standard, Preferred or Professional Edition?  Are you going to use the Standard vocabulary, BestMatch Technology or BestMatch64k Technology, are you going to use any of the add-on Legal Medical packages?  Are you just going to use Nat's Text Editor for all dictation and run a "clean and mean" system or do you also want to dictate directly into MSWord97 and/or Corel WordPerfect 8?  Dragon recommends a minimum of a 200MMX with 64MB RAM for "Nat" with BestMatch.  I have dictated with incredible accuracy directly into Nat's own Text Editor, right after following all full installation and training procedures in the Installation Wizard on a 200MMX with 64MB RAM, 512k cache, SB AWE 64 GOLD sound board, VXI Gold microphone, running under Win95B (OSR2).  That said, the screen display (time it took my words to "draw" on the screen after I said them) was very, very s l o w.  Since I don't look at the screen as I dictate, this was not a problem for me.  It is for a lot of people though, especially novice VR users.  Dictating on this system directly into either MSWord97 or WP8 was so slow as to be almost impossible.  Then I upgraded my system.  Running it "clean and mean" but now dictating into a PII 400Htz, 128 MB RAM unit and dictating directly into WP8.0.0.484 is the best, most accurate, fastest voice recognition I've ever experienced.  So, if you have Nat 3.01, especially the Pro version, select BestMatch or BestMatch64k, want your words to appear rapidly on the screen and want to dictate directly into MSWord97 or WP8, I highly recommend the following:
PII 400Htz, at least 128 MB RAM, 512k cache or better, 8MB video memory, SB AWE 64 Gold or TurtleBeach Fiji/Montego sound boards; VXI Gold, TalkMic., or Philips Speech microphones.   If you want multiple large programs loaded at the same time and don't run a "clean and mean" system, a minimum of 256 MB RAM is suggested.