Rose Tip Number Deux

Thou shalt...........

1)      ALWAYS - NO EXCEPTIONS - create a new user when you change any hardware (includes microphones).
2)      ALWAYS - NO EXCEPTIONS - create a new user when you install a Nat upgrade or new version.
3)      take care of your system - defrag and ScanDisk a LOT.  Delete temp files, especially before installing new software.
4)      NOT download/install any of the zillions of cute little utilities and animated toys that are available everywhere on the net.  Vireo are very real possibilities and over writing of system dlls frequently happen that will screw up programs that you need to get your work done.  (if you do anyway, at least keep a record of what they are and admit to tech support that you did)
5)      NOT tinker - if things work - don't fix them.
6)      DO the easiest first - if things don't work - try rebooting your system before changing anything - cures 90% of any of them problems I've ever had.
7)      RUN "CLEAN & MEAN" - if 6), above, doesn't work - try removing everything from your StartUp folder and chase down all other what-we-used-to-call- TSRs-but-can't-any-longer-because-the-hall-monitors will-get-us and turn them off.  Turn them back on one at a time until you identify which stupid "utility" that you didn't even know was running caused your Problem.
8)      If 6), above, doesn't work - change only ONE thing at a time (and keep a nice WRITTEN log of that ONE thing).

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