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How to Make a Nat List Macro - (Nat version 4 and below - very slightly different for version 5) example:

ENTER <2to55>, application specific, for WordPerfect 9.

Command Wizard's Step 1 of 7 Step 1 of 7
Select "Application-specifiic" and click "Next"

If this were to be a macro that worked in any program, chose "Global"

Command Wizard's Step 2 of 7 Step 2 of 7
Select WPWIN9 and click "Next"

If this were a "Global" macro, there would be NO Step 2 or 3 of 7.  You could skip in these instructions to Step 4 of 7.

Command Wizard's Step 3 of 7 Step 3 of 7
Select WordPerfect9
and click "Next"

If this were to be a "Global" macro, there would be no Step 3 of 7.

Command Wizard's Step 4 of 7 Step 4 of 7
Give macro this name:
ENTER <2to55>
and click "Next"
Please NOTE:
there is a space between the R and <
Command Wizard's Step 5 of 7 Step 5 of 7
Select "Run a script"
and click "Next"
Type this in the script area:
SendKeys "{Enter "+_arg1+"}"
Then click on "Next"
Please NOTE: the list variable, _arg1 2to55, is entered for you.
Command Wizard's Step 6 of 7
Step 6 of 7
Command Wizard's List 1 of 1 List 1 of 1
Enter numbers 2 though 55, each on its own line, then click on "Next". Please NOTE: not all numbers show on this screen shot - the screen box will scroll. 
Step 7 of 7
Look over the displayed information and make sure all appears okay, then click on "Finish"

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