Ardmore Army Air Field/Ardmore Air Force Base

Ardmore, Oklahoma

"All Gave Some-Some Gave All"

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These men never made it to combat. They died in the process of perfecting their skills as aircraft crewmen and support personnel at the Ardmore Army Air Field and Ardmore Air Force Base. The tragic accidents in which they died changed the lives of their loved ones and close friends forever. These airmen were a vital part of the defense process and gave their all in helping preserve our American freedoms. We dedicate this page to the memory of these men and others who served and trained during both activation periods of the base.

Remembrance Memorial Park, located just inside the entrance to Ardmore Industrial Airpark, was established June 17, 2000 to remember 77 US Army personnel and six American Flyers Airline crew members killed in the crash of a Lockheed L-188C Electra, April 22, 1966. On Memorial Day, May 26, 2003, members of air crews and support personnel killed during WWII and the Korean Conflict while stationed at Ardmore were remembered. Two granite monuments with the names of each victim, honor those who gave their all to preserve our American Freedoms.

One or more crew members severely injured in crashes at Ardmore may have died weeks or even months later and their names were not available through our information sources. Should this have happened, "To The Unknown" at the bottom of this page is in remembrance of them. If you can contribute information, including pictures, to make this listing complete, please do so. If you want to help find relatives of these men, it will be appreciated. Contact me when you have the information, picture or have a question. Thanks in Advance! Time is Fleeting!

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Date of Crash/Site@
Type Of Aircraft
Those Who Died
Hometown or Station
Mar. 14, 1943@ L-3C "Grasshopper" (43-1501) Flight Officer, /Lt. Emil M. Horkavi, 30, flight check pilot Gary, Indiana
Flight Officer/Lt. Frank M. Dimond, 29, certification flight Wilmington, California
July 12, 1943@B-26C (41-34770) MarauderCaptain Sheldon H. Pierce, pilotJacksonville, Florida
Lt. William M. Lester, 26, co-pilot Safford, Alabama
Lt. Joseph E. Murphy, 23, bombardier-also navigator Waterloo, Iowa
Cpl Paul W. Banks, 23 Centerville, Tennessee
Sgt. Austin M. Foley Middle Village, New York
Sgt. William C. Williams Beaver Meadows, Pennsylvania
M/Sgt. Estel B. (Bee) Johnson, 43, (WWI Veteran) Greencastle, Indiana, bur. Clinton Falls Cemetery, Putman County, Ind.
Nov. 17, 1943@ B-17F (42-5270) Flying Fortress Lt. Leland D. Jewell, 20, co-pilot (Struck by No. 2 propeller at Galveston Army Air Field.) Stevens, Washington
Dec. 15, 1943@ B-17F (42-5136) Flying Fortress, Lt. Robert W. Smith, 24 Englewood, New Jersey
Lt. Wendell R. Wheelock, 25, pilot Baltimore, Maryland
Lt. Robert E. Ruebsam, 25 Ocean City, New Jersey
Sgt. James R. Wilson, 25, waist gunner Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Sgt. Charles E. Freeman, 21 Caddo, Texas
FO/Lt. Gaetano Marchese, 20 Lawrence, Massachusetts
Sgt. Daniel D. Cote, 29 Chicago, Illinois
Lt. George A. Hileman, 20 Washington, DC
Lt. Henry A. Post, 22 Fulton, Illinois
S/Sgt. Marion K. Himebaugh, 27, substitute for a sick gunner. Bronson, Michigan
Sgt. Willie Glaze, 21 Adger, Alabama
Pvt. Deeb A. Jabaly, Jr, 22 Daytona Beach, Florida
Nov. 4, 1943@ B-17F(42-3466)Flying FortressLt. Derald C. Holland, 24, pilot, (Died two weeks later, Borden Army Hospital, Chickasha, OK.)Santa Ana, California
Lt. Lee R. Woodall Jr, 21, navigator El Dorado, Arkansas
Lt. Frank G. Adair, 24, bombardier Chicago, Illinois
Pfc. Clair W. Davidson, 29, radio operator West Lafayette, Indiana
Pfc. Andrew J. Matthews, 21, radio instructor Farmington, Missouri
Jan. 16, 1944@ B-17F(42-30761)Flying Fortress S/Sgt. Elmo E. Hagen, 34, (Gunnery instructor, hit by stray bullet from another aircraft while in formation at Air-to-Air Gunnery Range near Galveston, Texas.)>Kent, Michigan
Apr. 24, 1944@ B-17G(42-102786)Flying Fortress Lt. Milton Hansberry, 23, instructor pilot at the controls. Seattle, Washington
Lt. Charles H. Boyer Jr., 27, pilot Ft. Worth, Texas
Lt. Loren Crites, 25, co-pilot (Previously served in Royal Canadian Air Force.) Cape Girardeau, Missouri
Lt. Edward W. Hamlin, 22, bombardier Mason, Michigan
Cpl. Andrew L. Lasater, 21, gunner Sikeston, Missouri
Pfc. Forrest W. Weissert, 28, assistant gunner-engineer South Bend, Indiana
Cpl. Victor E. Turner, 23, radio operator Waterloo, Iowa
Pfc. Billie F. Marrs, 20, assistant radio operator Paris, Illinois
Pfc. Donald G. Petersen, 18, gunner Lansing, Illinois
Pfc. Walter O. Dytman, 18, gunner Elmira, New York
Cpl. James C. Demetry, 25, radio instructor, aboard as passenger. Chicago, Illinois
Feb. 12, 1944@ B-17F (42-30481) Flying Fortress Captain William R. Heck, 25, pilot Middletown, Ohio
Lt. Robert N. Bulloch, 25, co-pilot Cedar City, Utah
Lt. Collins O. Gerstner, 24 Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lt. Jack L. Rider, 27 Glendale, California
Captain Oswald L. Bernich, 28, bombardier instructor Biloxi, Mississippi
Sgt. Albert F. Franczyk, 20, oxygen instructor E. Vandergrift, Pennsylvania
Cpl. Anthony T. Casino, 21 Follansbee, W. Virginia
Sgt. Ray N. Wise, 20 Texarkana, Arkansas
Sgt. Leslie Clay Hill, 21, gunner Medford, Oregon
Sgt. John W. Ashba, Jr., 26 Steubenville, Ohio
June 14, 1944@ B-17F(42-29929)Flying Fortress Sgt. Edward M. Ragsdale, 22, radio operator (Died parachuting near Salina, Kansas.) See Life Magazine, page 32. Indianapolis, Indiana
Sept. 24, 1944@ B-17G(42-102410)Flying Fortress Lt. Stanley G. Parsell, 20, navigator (Died parachuting north of Ardmore.) Angola, Indiana
Pfc. Melbourne Roy Rieke, 24, top turret gunner (Died parachuting north of Ardmore.) Burlington, Iowa
Cpl. Donald Lynn Cooper, 23, engineer (Died parachuting north of Ardmore.) Los Angeles, California
Mar. 19, 1954@ Fairchild C-119F (51-7993) Captain Gene T. Coppedge, 32, pilot Pittsburg, Kansas
Lt. Roy C. Kemmerling, 26, co-pilot Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
Lt. Henry T. Johnson, 33 S. Portland, Maine
Lt. Richard L. Roloff, 24, navigator Iselin, New Jersey
S/Sgt. Ernest V. Crabtree, 31 Hawthorne, California
A/2C Jon G. Taylor, 18, radio operator Adrian, Michigan
Passengers C-119F Army, AirForce, Navy, MarinesPfc. Frederick R. Junghans, Detachment 3, 440th ASU Ft. Benning, Georgia
A/B Wayne R. Snodgrass, 42nd AP Squadron Limestone AFB, Maine
3C Gerald A. Baldassaro, Jr. Drum and Bugle Corps Bolling AFB, Washington, DC
A/2C Paul H. Springer, Drum and Bugle Corps Bolling AFB, Washington, DC
A/2C Robert M. Strauss, Drum and Bugle Corps Bolling AFB, Washington, DC
A/3C Joseph A. Valente, Drum and Bugle Corps Bolling AFB, Washington, DC
Phillip A. Lavers, USN, "USS Sagamore" (ATA-208) Norfolk, Virginia
Roy G. Lambertson, USN, "USS Sagamore" (ATA-208)Norfolk, Virginia
Sgt. Raymond L. Hahn, Marine Corps MBNB, Norfolk, Virginia
YNSN John S. Hubbard, USN, Flt. A/C Service Squadron 102 Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia
SN Allen R. Hillar, USN, Flt. A/C Service Squadron 102 Naval Air Station, Norfolk, Virginia
AN James D. Robbins, USN, "USS Briareus" (AR-12) Norfolk, Virginia
Aug. 3, 1944@ Truck Accident (half-ton) Cpl. Alfred E. Ott, 35 Waucoma, Iowa
Pfc. Jess L. Jones, 19 Germantown, Tennessee
Pfc. Maleon M. Stanford, 23 Warsaw, N. Carolina
Pvt. Archie Nimmer, 25, (Died a few days later.) Dermott, Arkansas

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usaflag.gif - 10636 BytesTo The Unknown
Who May Have Died Weeks, Months or Years Later From Their Injuries

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A Memorial Salute By F-14s

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