Job Description

Coordinates and directs the planning, organization, control, and implementation of local emergency management activities. Such activities may include but shall not be limited to the development of a severe storm spotter's network, designed to provide advanced/early warning of impending severe weather threats to the community.

Coordinates with community officials and with the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management (ODEM) as necessary to ensure the effective administration of the emergency management program.

Manages, operates and maintains the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
Establishes and maintains agency policies and communication procedures for all jurisdictional employees and volunteers.

Coordinates, develops, and implements the Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for this jurisdiction. Updates the EOP at least annually. Updates the EOP Annex that pertains to Hazardous Materials Incidents, at least annually.

Prepares and submits an annual budget proposal and manages the administration of the approved emergency management portion of the jurisdiction's budget. When the jurisdiction is awarded Federal financial assistance, as a sub-grant recipient of funds made available through ODEM, the Emergency Management Director will ensure the proper completion of Federal funding documents and levied requirements as agreed upon between the State and this jurisdiction, in exchange for the receipt of such funds (including the submission of quarterly reports to ODEM, required attendance at training classes, meetings and conferences/workshops.)

Prepares and distributes disaster preparedness material to the citizens of this jurisdiction, with the intent of offering an appropriate means of educating the community as to how they may prepare for and protect themselves from the consequences of such potentially dangerous disasters.

Conducts public presentations and speeches at schools, special events, civic organizations, etc. (including television, radio and/or newspaper interviews or appearances) which would benefit the public's safety and enhance the community's awareness and preparedness for any potential emergency/disaster threat to this jurisdiction.

Coordinates with all educational facilities to ensure that adequate disaster (tornado, thunderstorm, etc.) alerting, warning, and in-place sheltering procedures are developed, implemented and exercised.

Coordinates the development and implementation of a Disaster Preparedness and Training Program for jurisdictional employees and volunteers, specifically for the purpose of educating each of their responsibilities during emergency and/or disaster operations.

Coordinates the actions and uses of jurisdictional assets during exercises and actual occurrences.
(Revised January 2004)



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