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Ken-Cliff Lanes Photo Gallery
Ken-Cliff Lanes - From the Ground Up

Circle K Pro Shop

Ken-Cliff Pro Shop

Special Guests - Karen & John Harrington

'AMF Pickers' - An 82-30 Parts Expedition

Parts Trip to Hominy, OK

49th Annual Okla State Bowling Jamboree

Texas Bowling Super show 2012

Pin_Head's Traveling League

Photographer Kevin Hong's Visit - April 1, 2013

Jayhawk's "Midwest Bowling Extravaganza II" - June 3-4, 2013

50th Annual Okla State Bowling Jamboree

51st Annual Okla State Bowling Jamboree

Jim Meeks 90th Birthday Party - August 1, 2014

Pin_Head's Traveling League Returns!

International Bowling Museum & Hall of Fame

Bowl Expo 2015 Awards Luncheon

52nd Annual Okla State Bowling Jamboree

High School & OBCA Annual Meeting

Oklahoma USBC Board of Directors Meeting

Trips to Bowling Parts, Inc. - Tulia, TX

53rd Annual Okla State Bowling Jamboree

Lane Resurfacing - May 2017

Southwest Gold Tour - War in the Woods
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