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 Deaf Ministries Worldwide Fellowship

Ordination and Licensing


The State of Oklahoma recognizes Deaf Ministries Worldwide (DMW) as a non-profit religious corporation.  The credentials division of DMW is Deaf Ministries Worldwide Fellowship.  Most states recognize our ministers for the purpose of performing marriages and sacerdotal (pastoral) functions.  Most hospitals and prisons recognize and accept our ministers to minister under the supervision of their own authorized chaplains or other personnel.  The Internal Revenue Service recognizes Deaf Ministries Worldwide as a 501-C-3 tax exempt organization, church, Bible school and public charity.

Our purpose is to recognize God's call and ordain those who specifically sense God's call into Deaf ministry.  It is our purpose to provide Deaf people called of God a place where they will be recognized as someone with a special calling to minister to Deaf people with the good news of Jesus Christ.

We recognize and appreciate what many hearing denominations and organizations are doing to include Deaf into their ministry programs.  However, we also recognize that, due to the differences in the English language and American Sign Language, this often times creates barriers and problems in free-flowing communication between the hearing organization and the Deaf minister.  In addition to the language barrier, there is often a lack of clear understanding and knowledge about Deaf Culture by the hearing organization.  At Deaf Ministries Worldwide Fellowship, the Deaf minister has no language barrier, has no need for a third party interpreter and we clearly know and understand the culture of the Deaf people we are called to minister to.

 We also recognize that God calls whom He wants.  God has specifically raised up hearing people to reach Deaf people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Deaf Ministries Worldwide Fellowship believes that, since God calls hearing people into Deaf ministry, we must recognize, endorse and ordain anyone, regardless of their color, race, nationality, hearing or Deaf.  In order to be ordained a person must have a clear call from God to the ministry and be living a life worthy of their calling.



It is required that each member of Deaf Ministries Worldwide Fellowship accept and adhere to this code of ethics in all aspects of life and ministry.

1. To maintain high standards of moral, financial and business integrity in all my life and ministries that the ministry of the Lord not be shamed;

2. To actively pursue relationships and fellowship with the other ministries and churches within my locality, state, and nation, in accordance with the commands of Scripture;

3. To respect each person's differences in doctrine, style, and personality as they follow the Lord Jesus;

4. To maintain a teachable spirit towards the other leaders in the Fellowship;

5. To speak only in an edifying (positive) manner regarding other ministers and ministries of the Body of Christ;

6. To have no part, directly or indirectly, with a Church split.

7. Upon leaving any church in which you have served as a member, volunteer staff or paid staff, that you will not establish or seek to establish any other ministry within five (5) miles of the location of the Church you left unless you have permission in writing from the Senior Pastor and to have no part whatsoever in attracting or seeking to attract any member of attenders of the church you left to be a part of your new ministry.

8. To support and give your loyalty to any pastor under which you serve.  If you cannot agree or provide this commitment of support and loyalty, you will advise the Pastor of that fact, stating your reason in a Christ-like manner and withdraw from the Fellowship and seek to affiliate with another local church in which you can join in good conscience.

9. To follow the process and procedures as commanded in Scripture when faced with a brother or sister in violation of these ethics on other Biblically-moral standards;

10. To adhere to the Code of Ethics and Guidelines required by Deaf Ministries Worldwide Fellowship.



An ordained minister's credential is provided to those persons who have "an established and proven ministry."  Such persons are authorized to perform and required to perform sacerdotal (pastoral) services on a regular and ongoing basis.  Ordination is not given to those who are not actively involved in Christian ministry.

 Requirements for membership and the ordained minister credential:

1. Have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

2. Accept the Bible as the guide for living.

3. Agree with the Deaf Ministries Worldwide Fellowship Statement of  Faith.

4. Have a spiritual call to Christian ministry or service.

5. Commit yourself to a life of spiritual growth and maturity.

6. Commit yourself to faithful Bible reading and devotions.

7. Be recommended for ordination by your pastor, church, elders or other respected Christian leaders.

8. Be recommended by your peers in Christian ministry.

9. Demonstrate a level of Biblical and theological proficiency (knowledge).

10. Have an established and proven ministry that you are actively involved in.


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