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Deaf Ministries Worldwide

P.O. Box 10833, Midwest City, OK 73140
United States of America

(405) 455-7777 V/FAX * NEW VIDEO PHONE NUMBER (405) 622-8507



Deaf Ministries Worldwide was founded in 1989! We thank God for the thousands of individuals who have partnered with us through the years, through their prayers and financial support, making it possible for Deaf Ministries Worldwide to reach Deaf men, women and children with the Good News of God's everlasting love. To God be the glory for the great things He has done.


Shalom Lighthouse Cove - Ministry Center

Shalom Lighthouse Cove
for Workers in the Deaf Harvest Field

God sees pastors and leaders in Deaf ministry burning out, hurting, struggling with personal issues, and loneliness. He sees marriages that are suffering and the high rate of divorce that is taking place among Deaf leaders. His heart hurts for those He has called and chosen to serve Him in the Deaf harvest field. God wants them to experience healing and restoration . He wants to revive them again for the ministry He has called them into. This is the heart of God, and God is using the Shalom Lighthouse Cove Retreat Center--to minister to these precious laborers in Deaf ministry.

We are here to encourage, counsel, buildup, minister to, and pray for these laborers in Deaf ministry and we are seeing lives changed, marriages changed, families changed and churches changed. This ministry to precious workers in the Deaf harvest field is provided to them FREE and depends on the generous gifts of God's people.

If you are a pastor or laborer in Deaf ministry and you are looking for a place to come for a few days of rest, fellowship, encouragement, fun and prayer, we invite you and your spouse to make plans to stay with us at the Shalom Lighthouse Cove. The Retreat Center is very comfortable--much like a cozy Bed and Breakfast Inn. There is no schedule to follow, and once you are here, there is no cost--you are our guest! Contact us today for more information or to make a reservation:


Teaching and Preaching


Since 1989 the Team has ministered across the United States, Canada and Mexico. We always look forward to the new opportunities God opens to share His Word and encourage the Church to be "doers of His Word and not hearers only."

Gary continues to be called to churches who are struggling with leadership conflicts and divisions (sometimes between the pastor and the board members; other times between the board members). As mediator Gary is helpful in bringing resolution. This is a biblical approach (see Matthew 15:17, Proverbs 15:22) for resolving conflicts. More and more Deaf churches are using conflict resolution with great success. This ministry is very important in the Body of Christ.

We appreciate your prayers.

Please join us in special prayer for ministry opportunities in other countries. We have letters and e-mails with invitations to go to minister in different countries around the world, including e-mails begging us to come to Kenya, Africa and preach in eleven Deaf churches; and while there, teach and encourage the Deaf pastors and leaders. I wish we could schedule the ministry Team to go to their churches now, but we are not able to, yet, because we do not have the funds and these poor countries cannot afford it. Thank you for your prayers.

"...to prepare God's people for works of service." Ephesians 4:12

Two powerful workshops to help strengthen your church.


Servant Leadership

For pastors, board members, teachers and key leaders:

Focus is on important characteristics of being a godly leader: servant, unity, humble, prayer.

Be-Yourself Evangelism

For the whole church. Encourages all to be involved in sharing Christ through every day life: what you say, what you do, in a nautral way without fear.



FREE "Gospel Bags"

Through the years at churches, camps, conferences and even Deaf secular events (ie: Deaf Fiesta, Deaf Way and Deaf Expos) we have given away thousands of tracts and Bibles. This has proven to be a great opportunity for us to witness to hundreds of Deaf people about Jesus as we give away "Gospel Bags" free.

Inside each "Gospel Bag" are two Bibles: a Picture New Testament and also a simple English New Testament. In addition, we include four different tracts.


DMW Three-Fold Mission: Evangelize, Equip, and Encourage.

We are very excited and optimistic about the future and how God is leading. There are many new doors that have opened this year, and we sense God is going to do things that we have not seen happen in the Deaf harvest field ever before. However, for the first time since this ministry was started we were not able to say yes to some very important ministry opportunities. We could not participate in these opportunities, simply because we did not have the finances.

Everything we do, all of the ministry opportunities we are involved in, cost money. Yes, the Gospel is free. However, each of the outreaches we are involved in costs money. And the only way we can do what God has called us to do is for God's people to pray and contribute financially to this ministry.

Your contribution is tax-deductible and a receipt will be mailed to you for income tax purposes.
Please write your check or money order to Deaf Ministries Worldwide and mail to:
Deaf Ministries Worldwide
P.O. Box 10833
Midwest City, OK 73140

Thank you for your prayers and financial support!

P.S.S.: Click here to link to Gary Barrett's Current Message.
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