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Deaf Ministries Worldwide
Encouragement Today
by Diane Musil



Diane Musil is a special friend of this ministry. I asked Diane how long she has been a Christian, and she responded, "I was saved 7/7/1977. Diane explains, "That is when I first became saved and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord!!!!" She is a women of faith and a powerful prayer warrior. Diane loves the Lord with all of her heart and has a deep abiding relationship with Him, born out of life's struggles.

Since the beginning of this ministry, Diane has been an encouragement to Rhonda and me. We asked Diane if she would be willing to write devotionals, which we could add to this website, so that other people would be encouraged too. Diane graciously responded, "Yes,". Her first devotional appeared online May 2007 (see archived devotionals at bottom of web page).
Diane is Deaf and legally blind, caused by being born almost three months premature. Many years ago, Diane was visiting at the Retreat Center here and preparing to share in chapel. Diane was in the kitchen, and I happened to walk in on her as she was reading her Bible and praying. Diane had her Bible within three inches of her eyes as she diligently, slowly, was reading the Word of God. I backed out of the kitchen. That image of Diane reading her Bible has spurred me on to be faithful in reading the precious Word of God. Rhonda and I pray that God will encourage you as you read Diane's devotionals each month. Diane has lived in the Chicago area her entire life.
May God encourage and bless you,

Diane holding her dog "Pup"
PS: Would you like to experience peace, joy, and eternal life? You can! Click here.


MARCH 2009

Hi Friend:

This month is the second devotional in a series about the eagle (notice archived devotionals below). Are you tired and worn out? Do you lack power and strength? For the next several months, we will see what the Scripture says about the eagle, check out the eagle's characteristices and journey through life; then, consider how the eagle may compare to our Christian journey. I pray you will be encouraged, gain renewed srength and hope thorough God's Word. May you soar like an eagle as you journey on ahead through today, tomorrow and on into the future.


Excerpts from Proverbs 30:18-19a, Solomon writes:
"There are . . .things which are too wonderful to me,
for which I don't understand . . . the way of an eagle in the sky."

Solomon was the wisest man who ever lived, yet, there were things he saw that were too wonderful (awesome) for even him to understand. Solomon admits the "eagle in the sky" is one of those things. WOW!

The Eagle's life is full of

Hard work
Difficult circumstances
Unpleasant surroundings

The amazingly remarkable Eagle

Bald Eagles are found in North America
Golden Eagles are found in North America, parts of Europe, Asia and Northern Africa
The Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle are different in coloring, but are the same size in built
Eagles has a wing span of 6 to 7 foot long
Eagles have about 1,250 feathers
Eagles can weigh up to 15 pounds
Eagles spread out their wings, in a similar way as the fingertips of the human hand, and this makes it possible for the Eagle to "catch" the wind current--soaring higher and higher up into the sky, unlike any other bird.
Other birds flap their wings up and down, but since the Eagle has a very long wing span, and is able to "catch" the wind current and soar, it can fly for longer periods of time than other birds. The Eagle can soar for hours.
Since the Eagle's wings are very unique the Eagle can soar higher than any other bird, reaching heights of 10,000 feet.
The Eagle can build its nest higher than any other bird--such as in tall white pine trees. In these high nesting places the Eagle can rest and relax for long periods of time, even resting longer than other birds.
When the Eagle is flying at "low speed" it flies about 65 mph, however when the Eagle is in "full drive" it can reach speeds of 150 to 200 mph.

WOW, these are amazing facts about the Eagle. But are they just facts? I don't think so. I believe Almighty God is using the Eagle as an illustration to help us understand deep spiritual truths found in His Holy Word.

Friend, I want you to imagine with me

this beautiful bird with its 1,250 feathers,

imagine its long wing span of 6 to 7 feet,

notice the tips of the wings how they spread out like human hands

and now consider these verses:

Psalm 36:7, David writes:

"How precious is Your steadfast love, O God! The children of men take REFUGE and put their TRUST under the shadow YOUR WINGS" (The Amplified Version).
"How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All humanity finds SHELTER in the shadow of YOUR WINGS (NLT).

The infinite Almighty God who loves us is bigger and stronger than the Eagle He created. Our God's "wings" are unlimited in length, His "feathers" no one can count. He can reach into any situation and "under His wings" He SHELTERS us and gives us REFUGE. We feel safe and protected.

TRUST. We need to humble ourselves and fully TRUST God. He is our Creator, the only one true God.

TRUST not in our own ways.
TRUST not in money, world market.
TRUST not in our jobs.
TRUST not in our own knowledge thinking, "I know, I know".

Let us run to be under the shadow of the SHELTER of HIS WINGS.


Our Mighty God, all powerful, all knowing, ever present we trust You. We go under the "shadow of Your wings" today and forever. We find rest, protection, and shelter in your mighty wings. It is all in the mighty Name of Jesus, Your Son, we pray. AMEN.

*Parts of this devotional are from the book, "Soaring on High" by Mary Whelchel.



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